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The Ultimate Guide to Music Festivals

The Ultimate Guide to Music Festivals

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The Ultimate Guide to Music Festivals

In 2022-23 there are going to be some amazing Music festivals to attend and we're here to help you get in the groove with this list of our favorite festivals from around the world. We'll start by looking at a few of the most anticipated music festivals. Of course, there are so many festivals out there that we couldn't include them all, but these have received rave reviews from locals and travelers alike. Which festival will you be attending next year?

With international music festivals popping up everywhere it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. My personal favorite is the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's only a short drive from my home in Atlanta but it's definitely an event I will not miss!

Here is a list of music festivals in 2022-23


When: June 28-July 1 & July 4-8

Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What to know: This is the country's largest music festival and it has been going on since 1968. In addition to great music, there are a wide variety of family activities to enjoy and it's free!


When: Friday, May 16-Sunday, May 18
Where: Gulf Shores, Alabama

What to know: This multi-day music extravaganza is known for its great music and beautiful beach setting. If you've never been to the Hangout Music Festival you should definitely add it to your summer calendar. It will certainly be a memorable experience. More information including the lineup can be found HERE.

Pitchfork Music Festival

When: Saturday & Sunday, July 20-22
Where: Chicago, Illinois

What to know: This is one of the best festivals in the country. It draws a great mix of both local and international acts. The lineup usually includes artists with varying degrees of fame and is always changing so you don't know what you'll get upon arrival! Pitchfork Music Festival is also known for its unique approach to music festival security. You simply need your wristbands which can be picked up at the box office before your first band performs. No lines, no hassle!

Rolling Loud

When: May 5-6
Where: Miami, Florida

What to know: This inaugural music festival is a hip-hop lover's dream! It's going to be 2 days with over 40 artists including Kanye West, Future, Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole! The venue has not been determined yet but the lineup is already making this one of the hottest tickets of 2017. Keep an eye on rollingloud.com.

In addition to the premier international festivals, there are some great local festivals that will help you get your summer started off right. Here are a few of my favorites

Shaky Knees

Great indie rock and alternative festivals were held in Atlanta at Central Park in Cobb County. This is one of the best outdoor venues in the city and it's right off I-75 so you can exit early and get there before the crowds arrive.

Alpharetta is one of Atlanta's newer suburbs but they have already created a lovely little music festival. It draws a great crowd and many locals like to go to this one because it's conveniently located and you don't have to deal with the hassle of downtown traffic. If you're into smaller festivals this will be a lot more enjoyable for you than packed arenas or stadiums.

Newport Folk Festival

When: Friday, July 28 – Sunday, July 30

Where: Newport, Rhode Island

What to know: This festival was founded on a completely different idea than the music festivals that we're used to. It was created to bring folk music back into the American consciousness. It's one of the only festivals that goes against the normal corporate model and it has managed to stay successful for over 50 years. Not only does this festival have great performances but it is also beneficial for the community and sponsors local causes every year. The Newport Folk Festival was also listed by Forbes as one of "12 Music Festivals Worth Traveling For" in 2012.

Gold Rush Music Festivals

When: Friday, May 5-Saturday, May 6 & Saturday, May 6 – Sunday, May 7
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

What to know: This is a 4-day event that will be taking place on The Strip in Downtown Las Vegas. There will be over 100 artists and this is one of the biggest festivals in the state.

This is just a small sample of the amazing music you'll hear while in Atlanta! Have fun planning your summer travels. For more information on Atlanta & Georgia check out my travel guide to

If you have any questions about the music festivals or anything in Atlanta, don't hesitate to ask!

Made in American Music Festivals

When: Labor Day Weekend (September 1 – 2)

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What to know: This festival is one of my favorites because of the lineup. It brings together some local artists along with major artists. If you can't get to the Hangout Festival (there's always next year!) this is a great alternative that won't cost you a fortune.


There are so many great festivals coming up and I'd love to hear from you. Where will you be traveling to see a music festival in 2017? What would your dream festival lineup look like? Leave a comment below! I always love hearing from readers.

What are the dates and festivals?

The summer of 2022 will have an amazing lineup of music festivals. This chart contains all the major events, their dates, locations, and lineup. If you click the links you will be taken directly to the festival website with additional information about other ticketing options and travel.

Where are some great places to stay in Atlanta?

Stay at a local hotel or Air Bnb or if you are looking for a higher-end option, check out  The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead and The InterContinental Atlanta. These venues are located near many of Atlanta's best attractions including Piedmont Park, The Fox Theater, and the Georgia Aquarium.

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